-Use Prefix before all Commands

play - This is used to play music (Link or a search query. Link can also be a playlist link)
stop - Stops the music , deletes the queue
skip - skips current song and jumps onto next
pause - Pauses the song
resume - Resumes the song
autoplay - Enables autoplay .ie It'll automatically add songs according to your previous songs
seek - Seek to a specific part of song
queue - Displays all songs currently in the queue
3d - Applies 3d Filter
bassboost - Boosts the baas
echo - Enables an echo effect
karaoke - Enables karaoke effect
nightcore - Enables nightcore effect
flanger - Enables flanger effect
gate - Enables gate effect
haas - Enables haas effect
reverse - Plays song in reverse
surround - Enables surround effect
mcompand - Enables mcompand effect
phaser - Enables phaser effect
tremolo - Enables tremolo effect
earwax - Enables earwax effect

-Use prefix before each command

stats - Status of the bot
support/discord - Give link to support server
ping - Tell ping of the bot
website - Gives link to the website

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